Table of Contents


From heavy duty lubricants to biobased fluids – legacy of Joseph Perez PDF
S. J. Asadauskas 1-4
Selected aspects of wear and surface properties of polypropylene based wood-polymer composites PDF
I. Bochkov, M. Varkale, R. Merijs Meri, J. Zicans, P. Franciszczak, A. K. Bledzki 5-8
New class of lubricants for green tribology PDF
І. Mandzyuk, К. Prysiazhna 9-15
Wear resistance of electrodeposited Fe-W alloy coatings under dry conditions and in the presence of rapeseed oil PDF
A. Nicolenco, N. Tsyntsaru, T. Matijošius, S. Asadauskas, H. Cesiulis 16-23

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