Table of Contents

Title Pages of Conference Proceedings of BALTTRIB 2015 PDF
Juozas Padgurskas I-II

Lubrication and lubricants

Miniaturization of Lubricant Degradation Testing for Natural Gas Engines PDF
D. Bražinskienė, A. Ručinskienė, S. Asadauskas 1-6
Tribotechnical Properties of Edible Vegetable Oils PDF
A.YA. Grigoriev, I.N. Kavaliova, J. Padgurskas, R. Kreivaitis 7-10
Optical Interferometry Measurement of BSA Adsorption in Hydrodynamic Lubrication PDF
X. Li, F. Guo, P.L. Wong 11-16
Evaluation of Iron Mesoparticles Corrosion in Oils PDF
J. Ivanova, T. Melenkova, H. Cesiulis 17-22
Research of the Influence Finely Dispersed Friction Modifiers on the Anti-Wear Properties of Grease Lubricants PDF
V. Medvedeva, M. Skotnikova, N. Krylov, A. Breki 23-25
Particularities of the Pseudo-Plastic Lubrication, with Application to the Sinovial Liquid PDF
I. Radulescu, A.V. Radulescu, J. Javorova 26-30
Base Oils Bases Synthesized Using Technologies of Recycling Waste Products of Thermoplastics PDF
I. Mandziuk, K. Prisyazhna 31-36
Enzymatic Synthesis of α-Propylene glycol with (9Z)-Octadecenoic Acid by Lipolytic Enzyme PDF
M. Gumbyte, R. Kreivaitis, T. Balezentis 37-43
Evaluation of Corrosiveness of Alkoxymethylimidazolium Ionic Liquids PDF
T.J. Kaldonski, Cz. Pakowski 44-50

Surface processing and surface science

Effect of Bulk Current Density on Tribological Properties of Fe-W, Co-W and Ni-W Coatings PDF
S.A. Silkin, A.V. Gotelyak, N. Tsyntsaru, A.I. Dikusar, R. Kreivaitis, J. Padgurskas 51-56
Tribological Properties of (EN AW-AlCu4MgSi(A)) Aluminium Alloy Surface Layer After Ball Burnishing PDF
W. Brostow, S. Cygan, K. Czechowski, J. Kalisz, J. Laszkiewicz-Łukasik, A. Łętocha 57-60
Tribological Properties of Sputter Deposited Carbon-Copper Composite Films PDF
A. Leitans, N. Bulaha, J. Lungevics 61-65
Comparing Surface Roughness and Texture Concepts PDF
A.Ya. Grigoriev, N.K. Myshkin 66-69
Increasing Wear Resistance of 30x13 Stianless Steel by Electrospark Alloying PDF
V. Agafii, J. Padgurskas, V. Mihailov, A. Andriušis, R. Kreivaitis, A. Ianachevici 70-75
Tribological Behaviour of Co-W Under Dry and Lubricanting Conditions PDF
N. Tsyntsaru 76-81
Tribological Properties of Duplex Layers Produced by Vacuum Titanizing Process Combined with the Electrolytic Deposition of Cobalt Alloy PDF
E. Kasprzycka, B. Bogdanski 82-86

Friction and wear in tribosystems

A Review of the Method of Dimensionality Reduction in Contact Mechanics: Applications for Structural Damping, Wear and Adhesion PDF
V.L. Popov, M. Heß, M. Popov 87-93
Theoretical Calculus Model for the Finite Length Rayleigh Step Bearings Lubricated with Greases PDF
A.V. Radulescu 94-100
The Effective Role Played by Graphene Fillers for Improving the Tribological Properties of Ceramics PDF
M. Belmonte, J. Llorente, M. I. Osendi, P. Miranzo 101-105
The Tribodiagnostics of the Technical Condition of the Helicopter Main Reduction Gear PDF
L.A. Shabalinskaia, V.V. Golovanov, E.S. Bubnova, L.V. Milinis 106-111
Surface Integrity Achieved by Finishing Processes on Sverker 21 and Vanadis 6 Cold Working Tool Steels PDF
W. Brostow, K. Czechowski, M. Kot, P. Rusek, D. Toboła 112-116
Surface Roughness Effect on the 3d Printed Butt Joints Strength PDF
V. Kovan, G. Altan, E.S. Topal, H.E. Camurlu 117-121
Tribocorrosion in Dental Implants: an In-Vitro Study PDF
C.G. Figueiredo-Pina, V. Moreira, R. Colaço, A.P. Serro 122-125

Tribological materials

Comparison of Ductile Damage Models During Scratch Tests - A Numerical Study PDF
A. Mostaani, M.P. Pereira, B.F. Rolfe 126-133
Tribological Behavior Prediction for an Epoxy Aramid System Based on Mechanical and Thermal Properties Analyses PDF
I.G. Birsan, I. Roman, S. Ciortan 134-141
Polymer Composites in Tribology PDF
N.K. Myshkin, S.S. Pesetskii, A.Ya. Grigoriev 142-145
Investigation of the Tribological Properties of Polytetrafluorethylene Modified with Metallic and Nonmetallic Nano Particles PDF
E. Kutelia, D. Gventsadze, J. Padgurskas, L. Gventsadze, O. Tsurtsumia 146-149
Elaboration and Using of Composites Based on Phenylone as Friction-Type Bearings of Plate Chains PDF
A.I. Burya, Ye.A. Yeriomina, O.A. Naberezhnaya, R.L. Lenchenko 150-153
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Self-Lubricating Nanocomposites Based on POM PDF
J. Padgurskas, G. Reškevičius, J. Zicans, R. Merijs Meri, I. Bochkov 154-161
Tribological and Corrosion Properties of Iron-Based Alloys PDF
E. Vernickaite, Z. Z. Antar, A. Nicolenco, R. Kreivaitis, N. Tsyntsaru, H. Cesiulis 162-169
Study of the Impact of the Bleaching with 6 % H2O2 Solution on Teeth Wear PDF
F. Rodrigues, A.P. Serro, C.G. Figueiredo-Pina 170-174