International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2017


D. N. Lyubimov, V. L. Patsekha, A. V. Patsekha
LLC Engineering Center "LIC", Surgut, Russia; Department of Technical Mechanics and Mathematics, Grodno State Agrarian University, Belarus


It is noted that while analyzing the tribosystems evolution it is potentially productive to use the methods of modern thermodynamics, nonlinear mechanics and quantum theory. Using the understandings of nonlinear dynamics and quantum-exchange interaction of solids surfaces an analytical expression is obtained for calculating the magnitude change of the tribosystems entropy. The expression for estimating the change in the tribosystems entropy is explicitly contained the tribotechnical parameter that is reciprocal to the wear. The case of relation between the tribosystems entropy change (decrease) and its wear resistance is analytically confirmed. The analytical expression for estimating the entropy change contains only those mechanical and physical parameters that can be measured by using modern physical methods. This allows to do not only an experimental verification of the obtained analytical dependence but also numerically evaluate the influence of the parameters of the tribosystems basic elements and its operating modes on the entropy values. In addition, it is possible to evaluate the tribosystems evolution itself and its constituent elements in the direction of their development or degradation. The obtained in this case data will allow proposing corrective structural and technological measures aimed to extend operational life of degrading elements and the tribosystem as a whole.



Keyword(s): tribosystem, entropy, nonlinear dynamics, quantum theory.

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