International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Polymer Composites in Tribology

N.K. Myshkin, S.S. Pesetskii, A.Ya. Grigoriev
Metal-Polymer Research Institute of Belarus National Academy of Science


There are many options for tribological applications of basic polymers primarily as matrices and fillers of compound material due to the structural peculiarities of polymers. The polymer materials for tribosystems and their processing technique are briefly described. It is shown that composites with thermoplastic matrix are effective antifriction materials just as composites with thermosetting matrix is basically used as brake materials. Information on tribological behavior of polymer-based materials is presented. Polymer nanocomposites made by mixing nanofillers with melted thermoplastics are considered. The use cases of polymer composites and nanocomposites in industry are described.



Keyword(s): polymer composites, polymer tribology, adhesion, real contact area, nanocomposites, tribotests of polymers

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