International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Surface Integrity Achieved by Finishing Processes on Sverker 21 and Vanadis 6 Cold Working Tool Steels

W. Brostow, K. Czechowski, M. Kot, P. Rusek, D. Toboła
University of North Texas; Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (IAMT); AGH University of Science and Technology


Control of surface integrity is an important factor for components like cold working tools exposed to wear and fatigue damage. We have performed a number of operations on Sverker 21 and Vanadis 6 steel surfaces: turned + burnished, turned + nitrided and turned + burnished + nitrided. The effects were followed by surface roughness and microstructure analysis, ball-on-disc tribology and impact testing. The sequence of turned + burnished + nitrided treatments has the most favorable effect on the surface integrity of the finished tools and their industrial performance. Results will be presented at the Conference.



Keyword(s): surface integrity, tool steels, slide diamond burnishing, nitriding

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