International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Tribological Properties of Duplex Layers Produced by Vacuum Titanizing Process Combined with the Electrolytic Deposition of Cobalt Alloy

E. Kasprzycka, B. Bogdanski
University of Technology


A new technological processes combining a vacuum titanizing with a preliminary electrolytic deposition of Co-W alloy on the tool steel surface have been proposed to increase the corrosion resistance of carbide layers of TiC type. As a result, duplex layers of TiC+(Co-W) type on the steel surfaces have been obtained. It has been proved, that the wear resistance by friction of these duplex layers, produced by means vacuum titanizing of steel covered with electrolytic coating, is such good as the TiC carbide layers, produced on the steel surface without electrolytic coating, but their corrosion resistance is higher.



Keyword(s): vacuum titanizing, electrolytic deposition, carbide/duplex layer, wear/corrosion resistance

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