International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Tribological Behaviour of Co-W Under Dry and Lubricanting Conditions

N. Tsyntsaru
Institute of Applied Physics, ASM; Vilnius University


The dry and lubricating wear was investigated for steel and Co-W samples in the view of revealing the best performance of tungsten alloys. The tribological behaviour was studied under bi-directional ball-on-flat sliding tests: 10 N and 50 000 cycles. The given research identified that Co-W coatings have superior wear resistance than those of uncoated samples (steel ST3) under dry and also under lubricating conditions. Thus, wear volume of Co-W samples is decreasing two times under dry conditions and ten times under lubricating conditions. The use of new type of solid lubricant (sugar film) is discussed.



Keyword(s): tribological behaviour, Co-W alloys, electrodeposition, lubricant

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