International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Increasing Wear Resistance of 30x13 Stianless Steel by Electrospark Alloying

V. Agafii, J. Padgurskas, V. Mihailov, A. Andriušis, R. Kreivaitis, A. Ianachevici
Moldova Academy of Sciences; Aleksandras Stulginskis University


In this work were studied the tribological properties of coatings of molybdenum, silver, chrome + molybdenum, molybdenum + BrOF6.5-0.15, obtained by electrospark alloying method on 30X13stainless steel. At the load of 200 N was established dependence between the coating wear and its hardness, the higher the hardness, the smaller is the wear of the coating and vice versa. The volumetric wear of the coatings at a load of 100 N increases in the direction of Мо=Cr + Mo → Steel 45 → Mo + BrОF6.5-0.15 → Ag, and at a load of 200 N increases in the direction of Мо→Cr + Mo → Steel 45 → Mo + BrОF6.5-0.15 → Ag. At all loads, the combination coatings made of chromium + molybdenum (f≈0.08) had the highest friction coefficient (f≈0.08), and the combination coatings made of Mo + BrОF6.5-0.15 had the lowest ones (f≈0.043-0.046).



Keyword(s): coefficient of friction, volumetric wear, electrospark coating, roughness, microhardness

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