International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Effect of Bulk Current Density on Tribological Properties of Fe-W, Co-W and Ni-W Coatings

S.A. Silkin, A.V. Gotelyak, N. Tsyntsaru, A.I. Dikusar, R. Kreivaitis, J. Padgurskas
Aleksandras Stulginskis University; Pridnestrov’e State University; Academy of Sciences of Moldova


Evaluation of tribological behaviour of Fe-W, Ni-W and Co-W coatings produced by electrodeposition at various bulk current densities (BCD) was under investigation in the given study. BCD does not have essential effect on the microhardness and wear characteristics of Fe-W and Co-W coatings. But the scratch tests reveal the presence of such influence. These tests showed superior wear resistance for the coatings obtained at low BCD. It was found that BCD has influence on wear resistance of Ni-W coatings under dry friction conditions. The BCD also has an influence on the coefficient of friction of Fe-W and Ni-W coatings at dry friction conditions. However, such an effect is opposite to that, observed at the scratch test.



Keyword(s): Fe-W, Ni-W and Co-W coatings, bulk current density, friction, wear, scratch

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