International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Enzymatic Synthesis of α-Propylene glycol with (9Z)-Octadecenoic Acid by Lipolytic Enzyme

M. Gumbyte, R. Kreivaitis, T. Balezentis
Aleksandras Stulginskis University; Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics


Enzymatic synthesis of bio-lubricant from (9Z)-octadecenoic acid with α-propylene glycol has been investigated in this article and the purpose of this study has been to find out the optimum reaction conditions of esterification. Lipolytic enzyme (Lipolase ®100L) has been used to catalyze esterification reaction in solvent-free systems. The optimum reaction conditions of esterification process were achieved. The assessment of the bio-lubricant production options was studied. Tribological properties of α-propylene glycol esters of (9Z)-octadecenoic acids as bio-lubricants were assessed.



Keyword(s): bio-lubricant, enzymatic synthesis, TOPSIS, tribological

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