International Scientific Conference BALTTRIB, 2015

Particularities of the Pseudo-Plastic Lubrication, with Application to the Sinovial Liquid

I. Radulescu, A.V. Radulescu, J. Javorova
University “POLITEHNICA”; University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy


The present paper proposes a new model for lubrication of the hip joint with hyaluronan solutions, considering the squeeze film process of non-Newtonian fluid between rigid spherical surfaces. The heological model that approximately describes the behaviour of the synovial fluid is the power law model. For the considered case, the pressure distribution, the load capacity, the film thickness and the friction coefficient have been determinated. The conclusions of the paper offer an explication to the development of the osteoarthritis and to the problems of the arthritic patients.



Keyword(s): Biotribology, Hip joint, Squeeze film, Non-Newtonian fluid

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